Hello , I’m back again with something to talk about.

lets talk about college. To succeed in life you don’t have to go to college

you can graduate from high school and do something other then going to

college and still have an awesome life. For example you can become an manager

at an restaurant , you can become an pedestrian and more. Another example is

you can be a business owner and sell houses , own your own manufacture.

There are different other ways you can have an successful life.

Advice for high school.

High school is very exciting when you promote from 8th grade. But when its time to

get settle its gets a little bit harder then usual. There’s more work and it get’s more difficult.

I want you guys to listen to me carefully and take this advice in when you start high school

stay to yourself , be focused , keep a small circle. Get close to a teacher, and boost your confidence be relaxed.

Main advice is to stay focus and your goal is to remain FOCUSED!!


Advice In Life

Hey! My name is Tayonna , I am a very intelligent, smart, funny, kid.

I Wanted to start my blog off with a life advice. Kids today tease and talk about each other when they fail at something. And not everyone is perfect. If this ever happen to you I want you to TRY, TRY, TRY AGAIN! until you achieve don’t let your piers and your friends bring negative energy towards you that gives you a sign to give up. Never Give Up!